Grab the Kleenex…

One of my new favorite blogs…

Forward Progress

This video will bring you to tears.  The grace of God is an amazing thing.


I wanted to share one thing that Emily did…I promise, every post is not going to be about her.  However…

For Father’s Day, all of the kids in her class at school made cards.  At the top was: My Daddy is Special Because… and the kids all wrote something that they thought made their daddy special.  I almost cried when I opened Emily’s and saw what she had written in her own handwriting.

My Daddy is Special Because:  God Made Him

It is so important to me that my girls know how special they are…not because they look a certain way, not because they have a certain talent or for any reason other than the fact that God made them. 


One thought on “Grab the Kleenex…

  1. Hi Stacy – thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to perusing more of your blog and especially reading the stories about your girls. They are adorable!


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