Cool Sunglasses

I’m kind of sad today.  I have lost something dear to me…my sunglasses.  Not just any sunglasses, mind you – they were very cool sunglasses.  One of my friends calls them my J. Lo glasses…


They were seriously cool…I could feel good wearing them while driving down the interstate with two preschoolers in the backseat listening to “Only a Boy Named David.”

I was tempted to borrow my daughter’s…


StyleScience Disney Princess Sunglasses Pink Frames

But, they were not nearly as cool on a 28 year old…okay, 31year old.

I do have a back-up almost-as-cool pair…I guess they will do. 

I hope whoever has found my ultra-chic shades wears them with the proper attitude…think Fergie singing Glamorous. 


2 thoughts on “Cool Sunglasses

  1. hmmm. I understand the loss. I too have been sad over a pair of shades….. hope that you will come across them- or find a new- even cooler- pair!


    * take care! *


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