30 Days With the God Who Breathes (Day 4): A Breath That Renews

And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” John 20:22

This is one of those days when I wish there wasn’t a screen between us. It would be so much nicer if we were sitting on a comfy couch holding a sweet little mug of something hot. Perhaps, a plate of cookies on the coffee table and a fire crackling in the background.

The passage we’re visiting today is the one that began my fascination with the breath of God. The resurrected Jesus appears to His disciples in the upper room. He is about to send them out into the world to proclaim the gospel but, before they go, He gives them a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. And how exactly does He do that?

He breathes on them!

On day one, we learned the Hebrew word neshamah. It is the God-breath of creation mentioned in Genesis 2:7. It’s the kind of breath that instills passion and intellect. The word used here in John 20:22 is the Greek word emphysao.  It is the exact same word with the exact same meaning.

It would be no different than me saying “red” and you saying “rojo.” One may be in English and one in Spanish, but it would be the same word with the same meaning.

When God created man, He breathed the breath of life into him. When the disciples were worn and weary and needed to be refreshed, refueled, refilled with passion and purpose, Jesus breathed life into them once again. Like Father, Like Son.

God creates and He recreates.

God instills and He restores.

God builds and He rebuilds.

When we forget why we were created. When we have lost our way and can’t recall our purpose. When the God breath that once blew hot through our veins has grown cold. God is more than willing to breathe on us again.

Perhaps you’ve been overwhelmed with life lately.

Maybe you’ve been distracted and off mission.

It could be that you’ve failed in some way and the shame runs deep.

Jesus will come and breathe life anew into you.

Inhale (Meditation): Thank you for the gift of life and of new life, Lord.

Exhale (Application): Teach me to come to You, Lord, when my spirit is running dry instead of trying to refuel myself with worldly things.


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