She Reads Truth Bible (and Giveaway)

Several weeks ago, I received a beautiful She Reads Truth Bible to review. I had been considering purchasing one for some time but, in all honesty, am a hard sell on new translations.


I have used it for my morning devotions and have really enjoyed the CSB translation. I normally use ESV but found that I loved the new insight this translation gave to certain verses.

The added artistic pages really add to the beauty of this Bible. I often found myself meditating on these pages.


I love the margins which leave plenty of room for notetaking. Although, I feel the pages are a tad thinner than other Bibles and have not felt brave enough to highlight or write in it just yet.

All in all, I am thoroughly enjoying the She Reads Truth Bible and would recommend it to others for their personal use.


I was given this Bible to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media. While I was given the Bible for free all thoughts and opinions are my own.


If you would like a copy of your own, here is your chance to win one of seven copies being given away!


You are loved!



God is for you.


Do you feel lost?












Dried up?


Not enough?

All of these things, my friend, are lies from the enemy. Satan’s native tongue is deception (John 8:44.) Any thoughts, feelings or self-talk that conjure up in you anything that is contrary to the fruit of the Spirit, is not from God.









These are the things that God promises to those who believe. God is for you and these are the things He provides.

You are loved. ❤


From Grave to Grace


I’ve always loved the story of Lazarus. I mean, who doesn’t love a good man-raised-from-the-dead tale?

I wonder how Lazarus felt about it?

We’re usually okay with folks hearing our success stories.  But how do we feel about the people who witness the whole fall from grace?

We are happy to emerge from the wreckage to the cheers from the crowds. But how do we feel around the ones who watched us crash and burn?

We are often embarrassed about our stories. We feel awkward or ashamed around the ones who were there when our children went astray, our marriages fell apart, our personal sins found us out, our car was repossessed, that unexpected pregnancy became known, or we caved to that addiction once again.

Do you know who continued to bear witness to what Jesus had done in Lazarus’ life? It was the ones who had been there when Jesus called him from grave to grace. It was the ones who saw him step into daylight with the stench of death still lingering.

We want the pomp of the resurrection but not the pain of the death, but it’s a package deal. It’s painful; there’s no way around it. Just remember, it’s pain with a purpose. We have to let some things in our lives die so that God can do a work in us.

Don’t be afraid to endure death in order to experience resurrection. God has a plan for you, my friend. It’s good because He is good and it ends in freedom.

You are loved. ❤

On a Mission


Jesus sent the disciples on a mission and His instructions were very clear.

Heal the sick.

Raise the dead.

Cleanse lepers.

Cast out demons.

Yet, just a short time after departing on their journey, they encounter a man with a sick son. And the result is puzzling.

I begged your disciples to cast out the spirit but they could not. Luke 9:40

I brought him to your disciples but they could not heal him. Matthew 17:16

Even the disciples are confused. “Why couldn’t we do it?” they asked Jesus. The answer was just as simple as the mission.

Because of their little faith.

A lack of faith will prevent us from fulfilling our God-given missions. Our ministries will be unfruitful. Our witnesses will be ineffective. Our spirits will be unsatisfied.

What is God calling you to do?

You are loved. ❤

What’s Your Story?

Just a couple days ago, we read about Jesus sending disciples to John in prison to tell what they had seen Jesus do and what they had heard Him say.

In today’s reading, we have Jesus telling the healed man to “go home and tell your friends what the Lord has done for you.”

We also have the woman in Luke 8 who wanted to slip away after her healing. Jesus, however, wouldn’t move on until she came forward and told her story.

Have you ever struggled with telling your testimony? Ever wondered what that even means? Think your story isn’t interesting enough or, perhaps, too interesting? Those are all thoughts from the enemy trying to keep you silent. Someone else needs to hear your story!

Luke 8:47 is a great outline for telling your own story. (Why she had touched Him and how He healed her.)

History + Healing = Testimony