When Jesus Says, “Try Again.”

Jesus tells them to put out their nets to catch some fish. The weary and worn fishermen reply with, “We just tried that. It didn’t work.”

But, because Jesus asked them, they tried again and caught so many fish the nets were breaking.

What is it that you are trying to do on your own and you’re just failing miserably?

👉Make peace with someone? 👉Fix your marriage? 👉Find meaning or purpose for your life? 👉Find healing for an old wound? 👉Make a Kingdom impact? 👉Be a better parent? 👉Forgive someone?

What is that thing that you feel like you’ve “toiled all night and took nothing?”

The difference between the men fishing the first time and the second was Jesus. Jesus can turn our nothing into nets that are bursting at the seams. But we have to be willing, like Simon, to say, “I’ve tried it already, Lord, but at your Word I’ll try it again.”

Jesus can make the difference.

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#F260 Bible Reading: Exodus 6-7

God was offering the people freedom and deliverance. He was offering them Himself. But they wouldn’t listen.

Two things stood in the way of the people believing and accepting what was offered to them: harsh circumstances and broken spirits.

It’s difficult to imagine a life of deliverance and delight when all you know is oppression and bitterness. We want to shake people and say, “Can’t you see?!?” But the reality is that, no, they can’t see.

Sometimes, it’s frustrating because we can’t always change a person’s harsh circumstances. The enemy will whisper, “Why bother? Nothing will change.”

But here is what the Lord has been speaking to me lately that ties in beautifully with this passage.

What if we worked on mending broken spirits? Because there is where we find common ground. We may not share a single life circumstance but, by golly, we all know heartache and brokenness. We can meet one another there.

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#F260 Bible Reading: Exodus 2-3

Slavery. Affliction. Hardship. Cruelty. Pain. Sorrow. You name it and the people of Israel experienced it.

Have you ever, in the midst of a particularly difficult season, wondered if God even saw you? If He knew what was happening? If He heard your cries?

If so, today’s reading has a beautiful word for you.

God saw the people of Israel – and God knew. Exodus 2:25

We are told that God heard their cries. God remembered every promise made to them. God saw them in their pain. And God knew.

He reiterates all of it in Exodus 3. God says, ”I have surely seen the affliction…I have heard their cries…I know their suffering…and I have come down to deliver them. Exodus 3:7-8

And this is not the last time God will come down to deliver His children.

God hears you. He sees you. He has not forgotten a single promise He has made to you. He knows what you’re currently dealing with. And His message for you today is…

I have observed you and I promise that I will bring you up out of the affliction. Exodus 3:16-17

Look out, friends, deliverance and delight are coming your way.

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#F260 Bible Reading: Genesis 50-Exodus 1

I’m just going to go ahead and warn you. I love me some Exodus.

A new pharaoh comes into power and he sees that God’s people are ”fruitful and increase greatly.” He sees that they ”multiply and grow strong.”

So, he afflicts them with heavy burdens. He oppresses them. He makes their lives bitter. And you know what happens?

”But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied.” Exodus 1:12

So, when the enemy is heaping hardship upon you. When the hits just keep coming. When you think you might collapse under the weight of it all. Just remember…

There isn’t a burden big enough or a bitterness bitter enough to block God from blessing His people when He has a mind to bless them.

Not today, Satan. Not today.

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#F260 Bible Reading: Genesis 48-49

There is one verse that literally makes me tear up every time I read it and I’m not even surprised it was in my reading for today. Perhaps, it will surprise you which one.

And Israel said to Joseph, ”I never expected to see your face; and behold, God has let me see your offspring also.” Genesis 48:11

God gave him what he didn’t even know was possible (to once again lay eyes on his precious son.) God gave him more than his heart even knew to request (to see and bless his grandchildren.)

Is anything too hard for our God? {Genesis 18:14 / Jeremiah 32:17 / Jeremiah 32:27 / Luke 18:27}

We ask so little of God. Sadly, we expect so little from God.

The Lord longs to be gracious to us (Isaiah 30:18.) Longs to bless us abundantly above and beyond anything we can imagine (Ephesians 3:20!)

And we don’t even ask or expect Him to move on our behalf. James has a little something to say about that (James 1:7.)

Let’s expect God to do big things. Let’s watch expectantly for Him to move those mountains. Let’s praise Him in advance for what He is about to do in our lives and the lives of those around us.

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